I love to doodle and I love my dog!

[Commission / Freelance Status:]
Not for hire. Commissions forever closed, sorry!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do I do if I find someone that is: Stealing your art, Stealing your characters, Has Altered your art, Obviously Copying/Ripping Off your characters, Tracing your art, or Heavily Referencing off your work?
A: Do not harass them. Please simply send me a note with their username and links to the images. Thank you!
If they're stealing my artwork though (AKA reuploading my art), I do not mind you gently telling them something along the lines of:
"Hey, this character and art does not belong to you and the owner SirKoday doesn't want people using them, could you please take it down?"

Q: Can I use your characters in my RP?
A: No.

Q: Can I use your artwork in my RP?
A: No.

Q: Can I re-upload your work onto another website and/or account?
A: No.

Q: Do you take requests?
A: No, BUT if it’s a request for fanart of a character that I also love, then I’ll think about it :’)
Raihan - Pokemon (Absolute favorite, #1)
Leon - Pokemon
Heroic Spirit Emiya (Archer) - Fate
Heroic Spirit Cu Chulainn (Lancer) - Fate
Kamina - Gurren Lagann

Q: What program do you use to draw?
A: Paint Tool SAI on the Wacom, but I’ll use CSP on the iPad

Q: What tablet do you use?
A: Wacom Cintiq Pro 24 or iPad Pro (The bigger of the two)

Q: Number of your stabilizer on SAI?
A: 10-15 for sketching and 15 or S-4 for outlining

Q: What size canvas do you usually use most of the time?
A: 6000px by 4000px

Q: Can I draw fan art of your characters? Can I write fan-fiction of your characters?
A: Of course you can! I HECKIN' LOVE THEM! Don't even need to ask. Makes me want to draw & write more when I see the arts and read the writes!

HOWEVER: I don't want my characters gender-bent and I don't want their designs changed. If that truly bothers you, you can DM me about it lol.
It doesn't mean that I dislike seeing gender-bent characters. I just want my personal characters to stay the way I created them as.
To me personally, It feels like a person is tearing my character down and re-creating them to fit their needs and I just simply don't want that. Because I created my characters for me. I didn't create them for others to use and change. I hope that makes sense! :') <3

Q: Why do you take forever to respond to my question / DM / comment / picture?
A: I don't mean to, I'm just super busy. Sometimes I only have enough time to get on and post something or update something. So responding to people takes a little longer, since I'd rather not give you a half-assed response. That would be rude, don't you think? However, I do always read them and enjoy them <3

Q: Is Zero (That human/wolf dude with the crazy fire) from an anime? I see you draw him a lot.
A: Nope he’s not! He’s actually my personal OC. He’s pretty OP and got some cliche things to him, but I made him when I was like, 10, I’m pretty sure.. And I still absolutely love him. Drawing him is like positive therapy for me lol. I would love to animate/create an anime for him tho!

Q: I want to know more about YOU. Your commission sites ‘About Me’ page is just about your dog.
A: Oho, I guess just ask me stuff in DMs and I’ll answer it if I’m comfy with the question(s) - but at least you know how much I love my dog and how awesome she is?

Q: Why are you following/watching a bad person!? They’re problematic! You’re awful for following!
A: So 100% of the time I DON’T KNOW THIS at all. I see a cool art piece, I like the artists' style, I watch them. If I see a bad post they make then I unfollow - but I know absolutely NOTHING about their past and I don’t go scrounging around for it.
So please don’t freak out on me lol, I’d prefer it if you’d just calmly and NICELY tell me in DM's, and then provide PROOF of the bads, proof of why it makes it a bad. ‘Cause I won’t just go off a random person's word either. I’d rather research and form my own opinion. Thank you!


Just a friendly reminder that my OC's are
Not free to use for anything, not even for RP.
I seriously appreciate you for respecting that, more than you realize! <3

(FanArt and Fanfiction is fine, check my FAQ on that!)